Bed Sores And Decubitis Ulcers Can Be Deadly

Feb 21, 2018

Understanding Bed Sores and Decubitis Ulcers

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers or decubitis ulcers, are localized injuries to the skin and underlying tissue caused by prolonged pressure and lack of movement. These painful wounds typically develop in individuals who are immobile or have difficulty changing positions, commonly seen in patients confined to beds, wheelchairs, or nursing homes.

The Dangers and Consequences

Bed sores should never be underestimated, as they can lead to serious health complications and even prove fatal in severe cases. Untreated or improperly managed bed sores can result in infections, tissue damage, necrosis (dead tissue), cellulitis (bacterial skin infection), sepsis (blood infection), or even cancer in rare instances.

Causes and Contributing Factors

Several factors contribute to the development of bed sores, including:

  • Prolonged pressure on specific body parts, such as the heels, hips, tailbone, elbows, and shoulders.
  • Friction caused by rubbing or dragging against the bedding or other surfaces.
  • Shear forces, which occur when the skin moves in one direction while the underlying tissue moves in another.
  • Inadequate nutrition and dehydration.
  • Poor hygiene and lack of cleanliness.
  • Impaired blood flow, often observed in individuals with diabetes, circulatory disorders, or paralysis.
  • Smoking and impaired immune system function.

Prevention and Treatment

Preventing bed sores is crucial and involves a multidisciplinary approach. Caregivers, medical professionals, and family members must collaborate to ensure the following preventive measures are implemented:

  • Frequent position changes or turning of immobile patients to relieve pressure on vulnerable areas.
  • Using specialized orthopedic mattresses, cushions, or padding.
  • Regular skin inspections and cleaning.
  • Maintaining proper hydration and nutrition.
  • Managing any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to poor wound healing.
  • Providing appropriate wound care, including cleaning, dressing, and medication.

Legal Assistance with Bed Sore Cases

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