DBR Interviews Michael Hersh and Kimberly Wald on the $35 Million Verdict Secured for Their Client

Apr 22, 2020


Welcome to Baytowne Reporting, your trusted source for comprehensive legal reporting services. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with two incredible members of our team, Michael Hersh and Kimberly Wald, to discuss their recent success in securing a groundbreaking $35 million verdict for their client. Join us as we delve into the case details, the strategies employed, and the impact it has had on the legal industry.

The Background

Every legal battle has its unique intricacies, and this case was no exception. Michael Hersh and Kimberly Wald, both renowned attorneys at Baytowne Reporting, took on a complex and challenging lawsuit that captivated the attention of the entire legal community.

The case involved a high-stakes dispute between two multinational corporations, battling over intellectual property rights. The consequences of this legal confrontation extended far beyond the courtroom, as it held the potential to shape future practices within the industry.

The Strategies

With their immense knowledge and expertise, Hersh and Wald strategically approached the case, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice. Their meticulous preparation, attention to detail, and dedication to their client's cause set them apart as exceptional attorneys.

They meticulously examined every piece of evidence, identifying key factors that would influence the outcome of the trial. Their ability to analyze complex information and present it in a compelling manner ensured that the jury was fully informed and engaged throughout the proceedings.

Hersh and Wald's persuasive legal arguments, combined with their exceptional communication skills, played a pivotal role in securing this monumental verdict.

The Impact

This extraordinary triumph achieved by Hersh and Wald has sent shockwaves throughout the legal community. It has not only established Baytowne Reporting as a leading force within the legal industry but has set new precedents for future intellectual property cases.

The $35 million verdict has provided a sense of justice and vindication for their client and serves as a reminder that corporations cannot infringe upon the rights of others with impunity. The impact of this case has reverberated across the legal landscape, compelling other companies to reassess their business practices and prioritize ethical measures.


In conclusion, the exclusive interview with Michael Hersh and Kimberly Wald showcases their extraordinary skills and dedication to justice. Their landmark $35 million verdict not only highlights their prowess in the legal field but also sets a new standard for legal professionals.

At Baytowne Reporting, we take immense pride in the work of our remarkable team members. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional legal services, backed by a track record of remarkable success. Contact us today to experience the Baytowne Reporting difference.

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