The Florida Supreme Court just rolled back

May 1, 2021


Welcome to this informative page brought to you by Baytowne Reporting, your trusted source for legal news and updates. In this article, we will delve into the recent roll back of the economic loss rule by the Florida Supreme Court. This landmark decision has far-reaching implications for businesses, consumers, and the legal community alike.

Understanding the Economic Loss Rule

The economic loss rule, a legal principle that limited recovery in certain circumstances, has been a contentious topic in Florida for years. It generally stated that economic losses, such as lost profits or diminished value, could not be claimed as damages in a negligence action unless there was physical harm involved.

The Florida Supreme Court's Ruling

In a groundbreaking decision, the Florida Supreme Court recently rolled back the economic loss rule, expanding the scope of recoverable damages. The court held that economic damages, even without accompanying physical harm, may now be claimed in negligence actions, significantly altering the legal landscape in Florida.

Impact on Businesses

The roll back of the economic loss rule has substantial implications for businesses across various industries. With this ruling, businesses can now seek compensation for economic losses resulting from negligence, even if there is no physical harm involved. This opens up new avenues for companies to pursue legal remedies and recover damages that were previously unavailable.

Construction and Real Estate

In the construction and real estate sector, this ruling will have a profound impact on claims involving faulty construction, defects, or inadequate design. Parties who have suffered financial losses due to negligence in these areas can now seek compensation for the economic harm experienced, allowing for more comprehensive legal recourse and the protection of their rights.

Product Liability

Manufacturers and sellers of products will also be affected by this ruling. Previously, economic losses resulting from defective products without accompanying physical harm were not recoverable. Now, consumers who have suffered financial losses due to faulty products can pursue legal action and seek compensation for their economic damages, ensuring greater accountability and consumer protection.

Implications for Consumers

The roll back of the economic loss rule is a significant win for consumers as well. With the expansion of recoverable damages, consumers now have more legal options to seek compensation for their financial losses resulting from negligence. Whether it be a faulty product, inadequate service, or professional negligence, this ruling empowers consumers to protect their rights and pursue appropriate remedies.

Legal Landscape in Florida

This decision by the Florida Supreme Court not only affects businesses and consumers but also shapes the legal landscape in the state. Attorneys and legal professionals will need to adapt their strategies when handling negligence cases, as the expansion of recoverable damages has a ripple effect on legal proceedings and potential settlements.

Reevaluating Legal Strategies

Lawyers and legal teams will need to reassess their approach to negligence cases in light of this ruling. With economic damages now being recoverable without accompanying physical harm, attorneys will need to consider new avenues for pursuing compensation on behalf of their clients. It is crucial for legal professionals to stay updated and adapt their strategies to navigate the evolving legal landscape effectively.

Potential Impact on Settlements

The roll back of the economic loss rule can also influence settlement negotiations and agreements. With the expansion of recoverable damages, parties involved in litigation may need to reassess their positions and consider the potential impact of this ruling on the outcome of their case. Mediation and settlement discussions will likely take into account these new legal precedents, leading to new considerations when reaching resolution.


The Florida Supreme Court's recent roll back of the economic loss rule marks a significant development in the legal landscape of the state. This decision expands the scope of recoverable damages, benefiting businesses and consumers alike. As businesses adapt their strategies and attorneys reevaluate their approaches in negligence cases, it is vital to stay informed about this ruling's implications.

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Kathleen Lascola
This decision will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the business landscape. I'm curious to see how businesses and consumers will adapt to the changes.
Nov 10, 2023
Gary Lavelle
This decision by the Florida Supreme Court is a game-changer for businesses and consumers alike. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
Oct 5, 2023