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Jan 23, 2020

About Suzanne Oberholtzer

Suzanne Oberholtzer is a highly experienced and reputable attorney, specializing in the field of law and government. Known for her exceptional attention to detail and unwavering commitment to her clients, Suzanne has dedicated her career to providing top-notch legal representation.

éclat Law

Suzanne Oberholtzer is proudly associated with éclat Law, a renowned legal firm that has been serving clients with excellence for many years. Through her affiliation with éclat Law, Suzanne has access to a wide range of resources and support, enabling her to deliver outstanding results to her clients.

Legal Services

Suzanne Oberholtzer offers a comprehensive range of legal services, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations. Her expertise covers various aspects of law, including but not limited to:

1. Corporate Law

With a deep understanding of corporate law, Suzanne provides guidance and assistance to businesses of all sizes. Whether it's contract drafting, compliance issues, or mergers and acquisitions, Suzanne's expertise ensures that her clients' interests are protected and their goals are achieved.

2. Real Estate Law

Suzanne is well-versed in real estate law, offering her clients sound legal advice and representation in matters related to property transactions, land disputes, leasing agreements, and more. Her attention to detail and knowledge of local regulations ensure smooth and successful real estate transactions.

3. Employment Law

Employment-related legal matters can be complex, but Suzanne Oberholtzer excels in this field. She provides effective solutions for issues related to employment contracts, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and other employment law concerns.

4. Intellectual Property Law

Protecting intellectual property is crucial for businesses in today's competitive world. Suzanne's expertise in intellectual property law allows her to navigate the complexities of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, helping her clients safeguard their valuable assets.

5. Civil Litigation

Suzanne has extensive experience in civil litigation, representing clients in various types of disputes. Whether it's personal injury claims, breach of contract, or property disputes, Suzanne fights vigorously to achieve favorable outcomes for her clients.

6. Family Law

Family law matters require compassion and sensitivity, and Suzanne Oberholtzer brings just that to her clients. She handles divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family-related legal issues with utmost care, ensuring the best interests of her clients and their families are protected.

Professional Excellence

With Suzanne Oberholtzer on your side, you can expect nothing short of professional excellence. Her client-focused approach, extensive legal knowledge, and exceptional communication skills set her apart from others in the field.

Get in Touch

If you require legal assistance in any of the aforementioned areas or have other legal concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to Suzanne Oberholtzer at éclat Law, represented by Baytowne Reporting. Suzanne and her dedicated team are ready to provide you with expert legal advice and representation.

Jerry Wollmering
Impressive expertise! 👌
Nov 8, 2023