Shareholder Derivative Claims: What Is A Special Litigation Committee (SLC)?

Jan 19, 2018

Welcome to Baytowne Reporting's comprehensive guide on shareholder derivative claims and the important role of a Special Litigation Committee (SLC) in corporate disputes. This page aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of these legal concepts and how they impact corporate governance. Our expert team of court reporters is committed to delivering accurate and timely reporting services to clients in the legal sector.

The Basics of Shareholder Derivative Claims

Shareholder derivative claims are legal actions brought by shareholders of a corporation on behalf of the company itself. These claims typically arise when a company's directors or officers breach their fiduciary duties or engage in misconduct that harms the corporation. Instead of taking direct legal action against the wrongdoers, shareholders bring a derivative claim to hold those responsible accountable on behalf of the corporation.

Shareholder derivative claims can involve a wide range of corporate misconduct, including fraud, mismanagement, insider trading, self-dealing, or breach of duty. These claims aim to protect and preserve the interests of the corporation and its shareholders by seeking remedies such as monetary damages, changes in corporate policies, or removal of culpable individuals from positions of power.

Understanding Special Litigation Committees (SLC)

A Special Litigation Committee, or SLC, is a committee formed by a corporation's board of directors to investigate and evaluate shareholder derivative claims. The purpose of an SLC is to act independently and objectively in determining whether pursuing the derivative claim is in the best interest of the corporation and its shareholders.

The formation of an SLC ensures a fair and impartial evaluation of the alleged wrongdoing and the potential consequences for the company. The committee typically consists of individuals who have no personal or financial interest in the outcome and are highly experienced in corporate governance matters. They analyze the facts, conduct thorough investigations, and make recommendations to the board regarding the merit of the shareholder derivative claim.

The Role of an SLC in Resolving Corporate Disputes

Special Litigation Committees play a crucial role in resolving shareholder derivative claims and corporate disputes. Their primary objective is to protect the best interests of the corporation as a whole, rather than favoring any individual or group. The SLC's investigation helps the board make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to address the alleged misconduct.

Typically, an SLC conducts a comprehensive assessment of the allegations, reviews relevant documents, interviews key individuals, and consults with external legal experts if necessary. Based on their findings, the committee presents a report to the board detailing their evaluation of the claim's validity and potential impact on the corporation.

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In summary

Shareholder derivative claims and the role of Special Litigation Committees are crucial aspects of corporate governance and ensure the protection of shareholders' interests. Understanding these legal concepts is essential for navigating corporate disputes and taking appropriate actions against misconduct.

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