The Fight Over Who Owns “Taco Tuesday” is Over

Sep 27, 2021

Welcome to the page dedicated to resolving the long-standing battle over the ownership of the term 'Taco Tuesday.' In this article, we will delve into the legal aspects and the final verdict that has put an end to the dispute.

Understanding the Origins of "Taco Tuesday"

"Taco Tuesday" is a popular phrase used by various restaurants and eateries to promote discounted or special offers on tacos every Tuesday. The term gained widespread popularity and became ingrained in the culture, particularly in the United States. However, as its popularity grew, so did the claims of ownership.

The Legal Battle Begins

The fight over the ownership of "Taco Tuesday" initially sparked when one restaurant tried to trademark the phrase, believing they had the exclusive right to use it for promotional purposes. This led to a series of legal disputes and debates, with other businesses arguing against the attempt to monopolize a widely used term.

The primary argument against the trademarking of "Taco Tuesday" centered around its generic nature. Many businesses, both small and large, had been using the phrase to promote their taco offerings for years. Claiming exclusive rights to such a common term seemed unjust and against fair competition.

The Court's Verdict

After careful consideration and examination of all the presented evidence, the court ruled against granting exclusive trademark rights to "Taco Tuesday." The court recognized the phrase's widespread use and deemed it a generic term associated with promoting tacos on Tuesdays, rather than being linked to one specific business or entity.

This ruling not only protected the interests of businesses already using "Taco Tuesday" but also prioritized the principles of fair competition in the market. It ensured that no single entity could monopolize a commonly used term that has become a part of the general public's vocabulary.

Implications and Future Use

The final verdict in the battle over who owns "Taco Tuesday" sets an important precedent for future cases involving generic terms. It reaffirms the idea that terms widely used by various businesses cannot be exclusively claimed by one entity, promoting fair competition and preventing monopolization.

Businesses can continue using "Taco Tuesday" to promote their taco specials without fear of legal repercussions. The ruling emphasizes the importance of originality and creativity in marketing strategies, rather than relying on already established and generic phrases.

It is crucial for entrepreneurs and marketers to understand the legal landscape to avoid disputes and costly legal battles. By staying informed and respecting intellectual property rights, businesses can thrive while adhering to fair competition practices.


The fight over who owns "Taco Tuesday" has come to an end with the court's ruling against granting exclusive trademark rights. This landmark decision protects fair competition, allowing businesses to continue using the term for promotional purposes. As the legal battle concludes, the focus shifts to the creative and innovative strategies that businesses can employ within the boundaries of intellectual property rights.

We hope you found this article informative and helpful in understanding the resolution of this long-standing dispute. For more insights and updates on legal matters, stay tuned to Baytowne Reporting.